Vizeau Timeline: A Story of Men’s Fashion Swimwear and Underwear

Vizeau Timeline: A Story of Men’s Fashion Swimwear and Underwear

What are the Origins of Vizeau?


As with any great story, this one is about love: artist friends, a partnership, and fashion design. Let’s start at the beginning:

The records show Vizeau was formed on December 29th, 2000, in Miami, Florida. However, Vizeau did not enter the world’s consciousness until one photo of a revolutionary swimsuit made its way to the Blogosphere: the photo of the Vizeau Sling thong, the first one-side thong for men, held by seemingly effortless engineering.

Vizeau Sling Thong - The Invention that launched Vizeau to the world press

The international press caught a sight of the first invention in Fashion Design since Rudi Gernreich’s monokini in 1964 and it launched the successful establishment of the Vizeau global e-tail business.
For thirteen years the label introduced thought-provoking swimwear and underwear collections, many of which featured provocative cuts, plays of color and texture with playful results.

Menswear design during the aughts was somewhat limited in the range of offerings for underwear and designer swimwear, but the more sensual, intimate apparel for men with a raw erotic edge inspired confidence in men exploring their sexuality. Individuals with great taste in clothing had the opportunity to show off their body gains in eye-catching designs.

There were several incarnations of the company’s ownership, as relationships evolved or ended. All former members of the Vizeau design team matured in both physical and emotional needs, with the common bonds of creativity and loyalty as the exhilarating force propelling the business.

Because of the catastrophic events in the world’s economy during the year 2008, there were very few strategies in place to continue with the business if orders would not come in, but miraculously, clients in the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Asia embraced the bold fashion company and celebrated its designs in several international publications:

Editorials in the International publications
Vizeau Editorials in the International Press

With modest success in the US market, the label focused on broadening its range and styling of bathing suits and underwear to appeal to a growing audience, expanding from being a well-kept secret among fashion and fitness photographers to being featured in bodybuilding competitions, advertisements and editorials, heralding a design philosophy with function and comfort worth watching.

Editorials featuring Vizeau in the United States publications

One of its notable successes was the global vision of strategic partnerships with businesses in Australia and Greece, making the aim of its unique aesthetics more reachable worldwide. The imprint of a brand was taking place via networking.

Vizeau and the International Networking campaigns
Human Bondage Collection featuring sunglasses by Australian brand Diluca Eyewear

Vizeau Speed Collection Campaign featuring silver and rubber C-rings by Greek brand
Vizeau formed a synergy with men’s jewellery brand Esculpta in Greece and luxury sunglasses brand Diluca in Australia.

Vizeau Paradise Men's Swimwear Collection featuring sunglasses by Australian luxury sunglasses brand Diluca Eyewear
Vizeau Paradise Collection featuring sunglasses by Australian luxury sunglasses brand Diluca Eyewear

An important architect in the global strategy of synergies with other companies was photographer Michael Ching, a native of Hong Kong, now living in Toronto, Canada. His well-trained eye for locations and a versatility in his use of lighting gave the label’s innovative apparel a style and swagger that inspired acclaim from its clients and admirers.

Vizeau announced a break from manufacturing and retailing its products in 2013. Its clients wonder...what happened? The answers are coming! Watch out for an interview with one of the founding members of the company and find out what surprises lie ahead for Vizeau Swimwear & Underwear. Stay tuned!

Vizeau Nu-Riders Swimwear and Underwear Collection featuring model Tyler Sarry

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